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Tutoring Resources

This site has lots of plans and ideas for tutoring the struggling adult reader with excellent readings to use for fluency practice in reading instruction:

This site has lots of information for tutors, from assessments and strategies to ideas and concepts of learning:

This site has lots of links, puzzles, read-a-longs, and games:

The following link will take you to a table that highlights resources recommended for tutors from the Michigan Electronic Library’s eResources at and has direct links to them: See recommended resource table.

Note: To open the links in the table hover over the link, wait a moment, and then click the address that pops up in the box just above the link.

This site is from our friends at Washtenaw Literacy, and includes among other resources for tutors, the Skill Surveys we shared at the April 2019 Tutor Connections meeting.

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